Market Research

Market Research

We are the “eyes & ears” for our clients with our “in-field” marketing research programs. Our research provides valuable data to make confident decisions for present or future products/services at retail. It’s also a great tool for keeping your eyes on the competition as well. 

Our expertise covers Mass Merchants, Electronics, Drug, Specialty Stores, Discount Stores, Wholesale Clubs, etc…

 Types of In Field Marketing Research

  • Competitive Price Analysis
  • Point of Sales Displays
  • Gray Market Studies
  • Competitive Product Strategies
  • Product Inventory Counts
  • Competitive Product Features
  •  Kiosk Functionality & Maintenance

Method Of Operation

  1. Discuss in-field information the client desires to obtain.
  2. We suggest research methods to obtain the pertinent information.
  3. Design a prototype program & explain how it will be conducted.
  4. Conduct the actual research following the research instructions / guidelines.
  5. Report back to client with findings / analysis and suggestions.