Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Our clients frequently ask us to take on assignments that are slightly outside the realm of services we normally provide.

Some of them include:

  • ​ Design & install corporate airport or theme park displays
  • ​ Additional support personnel for trade shows – functions
  • ​ Transportation services for visiting International staffs.
  • ​ Collating/Printing/ Distributing catalogs to sales force.
  • ​ Managing symposiums along with additional manpower
  • ​ Kiosk installations, repair & maintenance
  • ​ Management of their promotional vehicles / signage

We always say…….”No assignment is too BIG or small

Splendid China Theme Park Signage

Provide brand exposure and presence at Florida’s Splendid China’s 100 Million Theme Park. The park displays accurate scale models of some of China’s most interesting architectural and cultural sites.

Our Actions:

  • ​ Pre-site visit & review possible locations & angles for signage
  • ​ Meet & work with park officials in method & operations
  • ​ Manage professional photographer with picture taking angles
  • ​ Design & build stands with access for drilling into pavement
  • ​ Hire & manage company to install signage.

Greenwood/Spartansburg Intl. Airport (GSP)

Build displays on-site at airport where client’s manufacturing plant is located.

Our Actions

  • Break down existing display
  • Design new display
  • Install display in airport corridor
  • Provide “real time” views of display to clients

VIP Transportation Services & Management

Whether it’s a Hospitality Event, Trade Show or Symposium, very often there are specific clients that you want to handle with more than a little “TLC.”

We provide transportation management services for our clients to ensure that…

-the right people-

- are at the right place -

 – at the right time-

Be it in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hong Kong or Koln, Germany, we have 15 years’ experience making sure that things go smoothly, even during the most hectic times.

Kiosk Management, Maintenance & Research

We provide installations services, maintenance and routine monitoring of kiosks to ensure that they are operating correctly.

​Our Actions

  • Installations – small units to larger plan-o-grams
  • ​ Maintenance services
  • ​ Market research on usage and competition.

Unique Invitations

Create innovative way to invite 300 VIP’s across  the country to attend evening hospitality event.

Think of the show “Mission Impossible.”  Design & create mailer which invites client’s “buyers” to an evening event.


Our Actions:

  • ​ Package concept & design
  • ​ Studio and recording artist
  • ​ Shipping Logistics
  • ​ Design floor casing for Mystery wheel display
  • ​ Brand ambassadors for sign in and hospitality host

Notes:   The mailing was extremely successful with over 85% attending the event.

Promotional Vehicle Management

It’s important to maintain peak performance of your promotional vehicles, signage and support items so that their ready to perform on a minutes notice.

Our services cover maintenance, cleaning & storage including:

  • ​ Extended Trailers
  • ​ Goose Neck & Hitch Trailers
  • ​ Specialty Vans or Cars
  • ​ Inflatables (Cold Air & Helium)
  • ​ Outdoor Signage & Banners
  • ​ Design, Installing or replacing vehicle advertising wraps


Setup symposiums and provide management and trained brand ambassadors to assist clients when on the road. In many cases, represent our clients as spokespersons for media & consumers.


  • Manage all logistics and planning
  • Coordinating materials for assignments
  • Construct displays or symposiums on-site
  • Provide “LIVE” video cam for client to review.